KG Biomass Supply Ltd was founded in 2016. The company is duly registered with the following objectives:

  • Procurement and supply of renewable biomass to international and domestic markets, aggregation and processing of agricultural biomass, forest biomass and sawmill waste consulting services, logistics solution brokerage services.
  • KGBS procures, aggregates and processes biomass to the desired customer specifications both domestic and International customers.

Sourcing quality supply of biomass can be time consuming and difficult. We make it easy wherever you are. We handle the frustrations associated with dealing with multiple suppliers to enable our customers focus upon building their own market for green energy rather than worrying about biomass availability.


All our fuels are manufactured and blended to the customer’s requirement. We ensure on-time delivery at every time. Our wood fuels are sourced from sustainably harvested forest stocks and sawmills.

Our products include but not limited to: wood chips, forest residues, saw dust, bamboo and coconut shells.


Our objective is to fight climate change through the organization of the biomass supply chain from the source to our customers. We help to develop an emerging industry through the aggregation of wood and agricultural waste which are mostly burnt or sent to landfills. Our activities positively impact the environment while helping to alleviate poverty in the communities we operate in.