kwamoka company limited


Kwamoka Company Limited, was established in 1996 .Our core business is operationalized in three main sectors; Construction, Products and Services, Haulage. These are grouped under 3 departments namely:

  • Transport Department
  • Construction Department
  • Products and Services Department

Kwamoka Company Limited is highly resourced in terms of human expertise and facilities to perform effectively in the following three main categories of services.


Kwamoka Company Limited has over 20 years’ experience in road and building construction. With these years of experience and the latest insights, we are a force to be reckoned with in this field.

Kwamoka Company Limited is registered with the Ministry of Roads and Highways and also with the Ministry of Works and Housing.

Since its inception, the company has engaged in various civil engineering works within the country. We possess operations experience in civil and road works and are well versed in all aspects of multiple infrastructure development, building renovation, management, from budgeting to productivity to establishing and completing projects. We ensure that all business project requirements are met within budget restraints and time schedules.

In view of this, we have established a successful outsourcing business for hiring a highly skilled labor force to accommodate all manner of civil works. With our qualified engineers and our vast number of construction equipment, we have successfully completed many government projects in the past years; and this includes the construction and maintenance of highway roads, urban roads, and feeder roads.


Kwamoka provides a wide array of products and services. Our services include product supplies, and dunnage (Container dressing) services:

Products: We are a trusted source for supplies and have built a tradition of serving both State owned and private companies with effortless ways to get the product they need. We ensure that delivery is made securely and on time at competitive costs.

Dunnage Services: We provide packaging services to shipping companies. We help our clients to select the right packaging. Our innovative solutions are tailored specifically to your business, paying attention to every detail.

We provide quality services to our clients with measurable return on investment   and sustainability through our three- step adaptive approach; we analyze, we design and we implement.

Analyze: We carefully analyze the current system to determine a preliminary recommendation

Design: We fully plan and design a custom solution tailored to your needs and in alignment with your core values.

Implement: We implement processes for longer-term cost saving and sustainability through seamless integration.

This department is robust, efficient and furnishes the highest quality products and services in this dynamic market.


Kwamoka Company Limited has over twenty (20) years’ experience in the haulage business and pride ourselves as one of the most outstanding haulage service providers. Kwamoka has a fleet of trucks operated by seasoned drivers. We provide haulage services to both government and private institutions. Our aim is to deliver excellence in our haulage services.