Kwamoka Group Ltd is actively engaged in impactful carbon projects in Reforestation and Renewable Energy. Below is  the information on the carbon projects


Our Reforestation projects constitute a total of 20,385 hectares of degraded land. Arrangements are far advanced for the allocation of the 20,000 hectares to be situated at Buru Forest Reserve in the Bono Region of Ghana. We envisage using multi species trees for the said carbon project. Currently, we are embarking on a baseline study for the 385 hectares of degraded lands nestled in the Ashanti region. 

This endeavor lays the foundation for our vision of cultivating bamboo. In addition to bamboo, our cultivation plan encompasses a rich variety of exotic tree species including Teak, Cedrella, and Gmelina, alongside indigenous species like Ofram and Emire. Furthermore, as part of our comprehensive approach to sustainable land management, we are strategically incorporating Cassia for fire belt protection.


  • 6 ton per hour briquette manufacturing facility utilizing wood waste and agricultural waste as feedstock for the facility.


  • 14 MW Hybrid waste to energy-Solar power plant